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Roof Dash Roof Dash

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A quick checkup of how my tracks are settling with the community, and I notice this game linked to my track. My first reaction is WOW! Someone used a track of mine in a game! Just wanted to note how awesome that is.

Back story aside, this game CERTAINLY has potential. I'm glad my track fits well with the mood of the game, as multiple people seem to have expressed. The power ups give the game much needed dynamics, so as to stray away from the simple action platform style.

However on the other token, the game has a few flaws that I am hoping will be given some attention. Fixing them would make it much better in my opinion. First of these, as aforementioned, are the impossible jumps. I recommend running through the game several times, tweaking the transitions until these are at least much less common. Second, the re-spawn from the extra lives should start on the platform you were last on. Whether from the beginning, middle, or towards the end of the platform, it would negate the issue of promptly falling to your death.

All in all, good game, certainly has potential. I do hope you work on ironing it out!

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